Strategic Consulting for Medical Technology and Health IT

Serving Your Business Strategy

You know all too well that what Washington does affects your business’s future. Regulators, lawmakers, and jurists make decisions that affect your company. Getting ahead of the curve can make your business or investment opportunity thrive. The key is having information — or, more precisely, intelligence — well in advance. We offer strategic guidance, forecasting, and policy and political analysis that will turn your business’s goals into reality.

Policy Assessment & Recommendations

We research, analyze, and evaluate the root issues and indicators, and thereby offer you an in-depth explanation of how the political, economic, legal and policy changes stand to affect your business’s prospects. We will bring you an overall expert policy analysis, including an explanation of the on-going changes in laws and regulations from the insights of lawmakers and policymakers. We put particular emphasis on unanticipated taxes, regulations and policy decisions being enacted as a result of such laws as the HITECH and Affordable Care Acts.

Health Policy Outlook & Strategic Advisory Services

Medical technology and health IT companies operate in a highly regulated sector. Firms can’t afford not to know what Washington is planning that could dramatically change the regulatory landscape and their business’s future at this critical early stage. SGS offers start-up and early-stage companies customized Health Policy Outlook and Advisory Consultation that puts a company ahead of the curve and on track for success.

Risk Assessment

We provide research and analysis assessing the qualitative risk level that a prospective investment or acquisition poses. We give you insights into the regulatory, legislative and federal market threats, strengths and vulnerabilities that would arise if you were to pursue a certain deal, initiative or project in the health care space. Our Risk Assessment is critical for informing due diligence, M&A, validation, underwriting or R&D decisions in order to mitigate or avoid your risk exposure concerning medical technology ventures.

Strategic Business Development

Using the Policy Assessment and Strategic Advisory Services described above, customized to your particular business, we provide holistic strategies for business development and implementation to help your business take advantage of available opportunities. Our Strategic Business Development positions your company to jump-start, expand and maximize your business opportunities and make new contacts.

Forecasting/Policy Outlook

Most analysis consists of what has just been implemented and how it may affect your business, while SGS is looking forward to what lies ahead. Given our unique position in the heart of the nation’s capital, we provide in-depth expert analysis and intelligence, based on Capitol Hill and other Washington sources, about what the future holds. Our Health Policy Outlook is vital for informing medical technology and health IT business strategies. Forecasting the legislative and policy changes that are likely to be taken allows you the opportunity to weigh in with legislators when it is strategically important to do so.

Business & Industry Reporters

SGS prepares tailor-made reports for your company’s specific needs, which include salient news affecting your industry. We offer business trends and information reports highlighting new developments and insightful analysis in your industry sector at home and abroad.

Post-Election Analysis

Following an election, Members of Congress have retired and new members are arriving. The lay of the land within the administration, key federal agencies, Capitol Hill, and particularly the strategic committee assignments can have a tremendous impact on your business. Our Post-Election Analysis gives you an insider’s take on what these changes in personalities mean for your business.

Government Relations

We gather intelligence, educate and advocate to Members of Congress and policy makers, with a primary focus on health policy. We can assist you in navigating the Washington policy labyrinth by strategically applying our know-how, our vast network of contacts, and our policy insights. Customized lobbying and public affairs campaigns are designed and executed to advance your public policy agenda.