Government Relations​

Sovereign Global Solutions (SGS) navigates the Washington policy labyrinth by strategically applying our know-how and policy insights, and staying in close contact with our vast network of contacts. SGS offers customized lobbying and public affairs campaigns that are designed and executed to advance your public policy agenda. On Capitol Hill, SGS enjoys strong bi-partisan relationships, with conservative law makers among our strongest allies. Throughout the administration and Federal agencies, our relationships are strongest at the highest levels of the United States Departments of Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs, Labor, USAID and State. Internationally, SGS is involved with networks of parliamentarians and elected and appointed government leaders throughout Europe, Latin America and Africa, including leaders servinng in multi-lateral governmental organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union.


The strength of our bi-partisan relationships make it possible for us to gather intelligence, educate, and advocate before Members of Congress and Federal policy makers in Washington and at the State and Local level.
Our areas of expertise include healthcare, business, social issues, foreign policy and religious freedom and human rights. We assist you in navigating the Washington policy labyrinth by strategically applying our know-how, our vast network of contacts, and our policy insights.

Policy Analysis

You need to know information that will impact your issue. We research, study, and evaluate your issue and while closely following the work of Congress. We offer an in- depth analysis of how political, economic, legal, and current policy changes impact your issue or your business’s prospects. In addition, we provide an explanation of the on- going changes in laws and regulations from the insights of lawmakers and policymakers. SGS forecasts the legislative action that is likely to be taken, allowing you the opportunity to weigh in with legislators when it is strategically important to do so.

Coalition Building

When it comes to advocacy campaigns, there is strength in a coalition of partners who are all advocating for the same policy. The SGS team has years of experience in building up and working with coalitions.  We assess your issue and bring together likeminded and sometimes unlikely partners – which strengthens your case by making your issue difficult to ignore. A coalition of partners can be critical to your issue’s success.

Grassroots Advocacy Campaigns

SGS knows how to bring your message to the voters by creating public information campaigns which educate and motivate the public to weigh in on the issue.  When constituent voices weigh in, real change is possible.

Public Relations​

public relations
SGS offers a full spectrum of communications services to advance your issue, message and agenda, through an integrated strategy that includes both digital, social and traditional media. Whether you need a stand-alone public affairs campaign, or if your goal is to wisely launch a campaign that supports your government relations strategy to influence law-makers and change public opinion, SGS’s customized robust public affairs strategies are the solution.
We amplify your message by offering you the following services: communications strategy and implementation, message development, crisis communications, social media, coalition and partnership building, grassroots mobilization, op-eds writing and placement, media interviews, spokesperson coverage, event planning and execution.

Communications Strategy and Implementation

SGS will design and implement a strategy that reflects your needs through traditional, digital and social media avenues. We dedicate ourselves to studying and getting to know you and your issues. We study those whom you seek to influence and determine the best ways to communicate with the most important audiences, whether they are opinion leaders, policy and law makers and or grassroots audiences. We execute this strategy while we simultaneously empower you to do the same.

Message Development

Woven throughout your public relations strategy, key messages are critical to the success of your efforts or campaign. While current events often dictate the news cycle and are not always within our control, key messages stay the course. We pride ourselves on knowing you well, studying your issues and conducting due diligence, including field research and polling if desired, in close partnership with you. Our skilled team will help you to prioritize, crystalize and get your message into the space where it will be most effective.

Crisis Communications Planning and Response

A crisis may gain exposure through any social, digital or traditional media but it increases exponentially in the digital space. Controversial communications can now travel nearly as fast as the speed of light, thanks to social and digital media.
If this causes you is happening to you, bear in mind that the best defense is a strong offence – and the best crisis prevention is a strong and well thought out Crisis Communications plan, including media training. SGS will work with you and your organization to make sure that you have the best response mechanisms in place before a crisis hits. If you are in the middle of an exploding communications crisis, you need immediate assistance and SGS’s experienced public relations experts will help you address it.

Social and Digital Media Strategy and Implementation

Your public relations strategy is not complete without an online social media presence. SGS will help you to get your issue covered through a digital strategy that can include a targeted social media campaign including avenues such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other avenues. Our strategies primarily focus on raising awareness of our client’s message and gaining a wider following by opinion leaders, reporters, producers and the general public to effectively communicate your message.

Op/Eds and Media Interviews

While social and digital media are critical these days to making sure that your issue gets seen, many opinion leaders and law makers still rely on the sturdy age-old respected opinion editorials (Op-Eds). For this reason, we know how important it is at times to get your opinion written. SGS can write and place your Op-Eds. It is also important at various times during your issue campaign to secure media interviews. We can prepare you for and secure your media encounters or represent you as a spokesperson in media interviews. We always seek to empower you first!

Coalition and Partnership Development

As we know from building coalitions for the purposes of advocacy, significant issue advocacy campaigns are accomplished through strong and broad coalitions. A united coalition is perhaps the most effective way to leverage your strengths, resources, and voices while amplifying your message and achieving your purpose. We research, approach and sell your partnership to those who would make the most persuasive and loyal partners to amplify your message and advance your issue. SGS knows that big undertakings require specific goals, well-organized plans to achieve them, skilled communications and coalition management –which we have demonstrated in past campaigns.

Issue Advocacy Campaigns

A critical part of the multifaceted government affairs strategy is a customized public affairs issue advocacy campaign. Issue campaigns present your issue to the audiences which matter most. Our issue advocacy campaigns begin with research and the development of a sound strategy. They are designed and executed with clear key messages, strategic partners, coalitions and grassroots mobilization which amplify your message and execute your goals.

Grassroots Mobilization

SGS works with and through partnering with constituent member-based organizations and social media platforms to generate public interest and involvement. We develop and implement grassroots campaign messages to bring your message to constituents who will hear and weigh in with the desired target audience.

Event Planning

Whether it’s hosting media events or Congressional policy briefings and Congressional receptions with significant speakers, SGS works to build the right lists of invitees, promote your event, secure the logistics and execution of the event, choose the venue, caterer and all other services required for your event so that your event is successful in achieving its objective.
By strategically planning and aggressively promoting your event to targeted audiences, SGS ensures that your events are not only well known, but also well covered by the media in order to garner the maximum attention for the issue at hand.

Strategic Business Consulting ​

Leadership Training
We design and implement winning strategies to advance your business and achieve your goals domestically and internationally. We accomplish this through strategic partnership development, critical public policy prognostications and analysis and strategic planning.

Business Development

SGS offers business development and implementation to help your business take advantage of the opportunities available. Depending on your business development goals, SGS uses policy assessments strategic partnership development and a broad base of government and corporate and healthcare contacts to find the best means of marketing your opportunities. Our clients range from universities and ecclesiastical institutions to corporations and humanitarian organizations.

Partnership Development

The right partners are critical to the success of your business and project. SGS recognizes that every person, office, and corporation has different strengths. Whether you are a start-up going to market or a humanitarian agency seeking to find the right agencies to partner with in country, SGS’s vast network has made it possible to connect with a vast array of different partners. Our partnership development includes government leaders and agencies, private companies, hospitals and humanitarian organizations carrying out missions.
By researching, approaching and selling your partnership to those who would make the strongest partners to accomplish your vision, SGS helps you find suitable partners who will complete your business goals.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

SGS in partnership with JAG Consulting, LLC offers expert strategic planning services. With 25 years of professional experience we know that planning success isn’t just about the plan. It’s also about engagement and ownership, gaining traction with small wins and sustaining forward movement when the planning process is long over. With extensive experience in planning, facilitation, volunteer and cohort management, and implementation, we will design and implement an achievement-focused plan for your organization that gets results for non-profits and businesses.

Risk Assessment

We provide research and analysis assessing the qualitative risk level that a prospective investment or acquisition poses. We give you insights into the regulatory, legislative and federal market threats, strengths and vulnerabilities that would arise if you were to pursue a certain deal, initiative or project in the health care space. Our Risk Assessment is critical for informing due diligence, M&A, validation, underwriting, or R&D decisions in order to mitigate or avoid your risk exposure concerning medical technology ventures.

Expert Public Policy Analysis & Prognostication

We research, study, and evaluate your concerns and offer you an expert policy analysis of how the political, economic, legal and policy changes stand to affect your specific issue or business’s prospects from the insights of lawmakers and policymakers.
While most analysis consists in providing an after-the-fact interpretation of what has just been implemented and how it may affect your business, SGS is also looking to what lies ahead. Given our unique position in the heart of the nation’s capital, we provide in-depth expert analysis which includes a legislative and regulatory strategic outlook based on Capitol Hill and agency sources about what the future holds. We then walk along side of you to devise a government relations strategy, and public relations strategy if need-be, to help you to obtain the right meetings that allow you to weigh in with legislators and policy makers when it is strategically important to do so.