About Sovereign Global Solutions​

Sovereign Global Solutions is motivated by the idea of serving clients who serve and improve the lives of others. Our goal is to maximize your potential and  help you reach your goals. Together we will work to make your impact felt here and around the world.

We design customized government relations and public relations strategies tailored to address your specific needs, concerns and goals. We approach our strategies with a savvy, Washington outlook based on how the public policy process works, both within the Congressional legislative process as well as the regulatory process.

Sovereign Global Solutions' Philosophy

Sovereign Global Solutions (SGS) believes that every person possesses a God given human dignity. Therefore, we strive to serve those who work to empower that fundamental common good to the glory of God.


SGS’s Mission is to promote, support and empower fundamental human rights and the dignity of every man, woman and child with and through the clients we serve.

Core Values

  • Building and sustaining lasting relationships
  • Treating our clients (and everyone) with dignity and respect
  • Careful and pro-active communication
  • Thoughtful planning and implementation
  • Delivering excellent results with integrity
Sovereign Global Solutions

We Take Pride In:​

  • Knowing and amplifying the strengths of our clients;
  • Designing customized strategies tailored to our clients goals in the practice areas of government relations strategy, business development, project and partnership development;
  • Consulting services steeped in human intelligence tailored to address your specific goals;
  • Developing relationships with government, business and faith leaders domestically and throughout the world;
  • Research, knowledge and policy analysis;
  • We also have relationships of significance throughout Latin America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and at the United Nations and the European Union in Brussels;