William (Bill) Dolbow
Senior Consultant

William (Bill) Dolbow is a consummate seasoned veteran of Capitol Hill. Bill served his entire 20-year government career in demanding legislative and high-ranking leadership positions in the House of Representatives. He specialized in in a number of legislative and communications positions and rose through the ranks to serve on the management teams of House Commerce Chairman Tom Bliley, House Majority Leader and House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, as Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor.

In these positions, Bill continued to become a legislative subject matter expert as well as an excellent project manager and human resources manager. His expertise lies in the legislative process and deep bench of contacts among Members and Congressional committees. Through his experience, he can accurately prognosticate the direction and the decisions (or the lack thereof) that Congress will make.

His committee expertise and strengths are focused on the policy, legislation and staffers of the following House committees: Ways and Means, Financial Services, Judiciary, and Appropriations.

He was one of the strongest assets to the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. He successfully initiated several high-level fundraising initiatives, including the Young Guns Program. For these fundraising initiatives, his team raised between $4,000,000 and $18,000,000 a year.

In 2015, Bill launched a government relations firm, Dolbow Global Strategic Resources, LLC and in 2016 a data analytics and political consulting firm, called Triple Crown Victories, LLC.

Personal: Bill is an avid Philadelphia sports fan and horse rescue supporter, has a twin brother, two children, three grandchildren and two horses that occupy his weekends.

Bill’s impeccable integrity and customer oriented service to our clients makes him a tremendous asset to Sovereign Global Solutions.